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- Brain Injury


- Mild Traumatic Brain Injury mTBI


- Moderate and Severe Brain Injury


- Toxic Exposure


- Mold Exposure


- Electrical Injuries


- Mental Capacities


- Dementia


- Disability Evaluations


- Competency Evaluations


- Criminal Responsibility


- Mens Rea



- Post Traumatic Stress Disorder


- Anxiety and Depression


- Employment Litigation


- Wrongful Termination


- Discrimination


- Negligent Infliction of Emotional Distress


- Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress


- Disabilities


- Deposition training and preparation


- Trial consultation and preparation


- Second opinion consultation


- Drug and Alcohol Related Problems


How Can Dr. Roberts Assist You?


With 38 years of experience in Forensic Psychology and Neuropsychology Dr. Roberts has a wealth of experience with medical-legal issues. Not only is he able to provide detailed Independent Medical Evaluations, he is able to assist in the preparation of attorneys to depose mental health experts. He is able to serve as a trial consultant and provide second opinion evaluations of the strengths and weaknesses of previously retained experts’ opinions.  

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